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What if your love is not the same

As it seems inside my brain?

What if you’re not really in my sheets?

Oh, just the thought gives me the creeps

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Vance Joy | Mess Is Mine

Do you like walking in the rain?
When you think of love, do you think of pain?
You can tell me what you see
I will choose what I believe

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I can see the love we trapped, 
coming back

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naivethe kooks

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"Hey, we’re paramore"

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heycookiesHi, my friends and... people?! You are reading my blog. My name is Polly.
So... About me: I'm a student faculty of сhemistry. I'm crazy girl... in a good sense of the word. I listen to alternative music. ... My favorite places are NY (USA), Europe and St. Petersburg (Russia). So... in my blog you can find a lot of interesting, for example video, picteres, maybe my posts.

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